Testimonials from previous patients.

From Algeria

Naima suffers from Psoriasis where scientists and doctors have failed to treat it entirely. 
Anxieties took over us and we face grief, the disease has taken over our lives with disappointments and discomfort and filled our lives with black colors.

The only way to describe the pain is by writing the title with tears and that is the best way of interpreting the disease and the suffering.

Whatever the level of pain and suffering is, it’s going to be a disaster especially when it comes to diseases. Psoriasis is a very nasty disease as its known for it to be there on the patient for destiny, however Miss Naima had the disease and signs such as full body decay started showing and are very worrying. In 2002 she noticed some spots that appeared at the level of her head, therefore she did what any worried patient would do which is to visit the doctor, she carried out a treatment that was set out by the doctor for years, but unfortunately did not find a cure and it continued to make her suffer, the spots after the treatment did increase and did not show any chance of cure as the spot patches grow bigger and have swept all over her body from top to toe.

Naima then went to a dermatology specialist and prescribed Ointments for the treatment, she started using them and showed improvements as the spots disappeared for a short period of time and then reappeared again to hunt her. After that Naima showed signs of giving up on her treatment as it made her very stressed and found it very difficult to smile and to be happy, she no longer found the sweetness of life because they can no longer afford to confront humans.

What did Naima do after?

Naima was watching satellite Television and it happened that she found a channel called Alhaqiqa, which is a channel for Alhashimi Centre Natural Herbs. After she watched the channel she was convinced with the herbal method of treatment and tried to contact one of our bases in Morocco to order some supplement food, however she couldn’t because circumstances did not allow her to do so.

When his Excellency Sheikh Mohammed Alhashimi opened a center in BOHRAN, Naima heard the news and was very happy and full of joy, therefore she quickly rushed to the center to seek some natural products for her treatment.

In her first use of the cure she felt very dizzy, headaches and the disease increased in her body, which has gone the opposite way, instead of disappearing it increased in her body, with the end of the second dose she started to feel better, during the hearing of Sheikh Alhashimi reading at the rate of 3 times a day she was shaking and thinking, she remained in that state for a short while. However by the completion of the third and fourth dose she recovered completely, physically and felt very satisfied mentally. Today Naima praises God for the healing that she nearly gave up hope on.

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